Adeunis RF annuncia l’accordo di distribuzione con Advantec

Adeunis RF annuncia l’accordo di distribuzione con Advantec:

  • ADEUNIS RF has choosen ADVANTEC as a Value added distributor because they have a big expertise in radio field and a real market knowledge. ADVANTEC has a technical department ready to give support to customer. It’s a real advantage for ADEUNIS RF.–Fabio Maravigna, Business Development Manager ADEUNIS RF

  • Today, ADEUNIS RF is an essential actor in the radio frequency world. Offering its products in our catalogue, including its range of ARFx3-PRO radio modems and its ARF50 standalone product – I/O modules, allows us to broaden our licence free products offering. This is a win – win agreement!–Cristiano Bernard, Advantec CEO

Il testo completo sul sito ufficiale Adeunis:

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