Faini Telecommunications

Advantec annuncia la distribuzione in pronta consegna delle nuove antenne FAINI TELECOMMUNICATIONS modello High Performance (elevata schermatura alle interferenze) sulle bande libere 5GHz, 17GHz, 24GHz e licenziate.

  • Faini Telecommunication Systems is an Italian Company founded in 1995. Our HQ is located in Italy (Milan), we have a complete in house design capability.

    Faini offers a full range of antennas and couplers for Radio Links, Point to Point and Point to Multi Point (PMP) systems. Covering sizes from 20cm up to 4m and frequency bands from 700MHz up to 42GHz compliant to the ETSI Standards, both in single and dual polarization, also in customized version for all the major OEMs ODU.

Data sheet antenna 60cm:

Download: Antenna_HP_06_0525_D

Data sheet antenna 80cm: Download: Antenna_HP_08_0525_D

Disponibili anche le 30, 60, 80, 120 e 180cm.

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