Nuovo ponte radio Cambium Networks PTP820

Cambium Networks annuncia il nuovo ponte radio su frequenze licenziate PTP820.

Disponibile in versione all-outdoor, split-mount e all-indoor, supporta tutti i tipi di rete all-IP o ibride.

E’ disponibile nelle versioni

  • PTP 820S:  All-outdoor, single-core con capacità fino a 1 Gbps
  • PTP 820C:  All-outdoor, dual-core, con capacità fino a 2 Gbps
  • PTP 820G:  Split-mount and all-indoor con capacità fino a 2 Gbps

Le caratteristiche principali:

  • Frequencies: 6 to 42 GHz supporting both ANSI and ETSI
  • Modulation: QPSK up to 2048 QAM with errorless Adaptive Coding & Modulation
  • Channel Sizes: up to 80 MHz channel width
  • Hybrid and all-IP solutions supporting legacy services and evolution to all-IP networks
  • Integrated Ethernet switch with MEF carrier Ethernet v2.0 compliance
  • Integrated synchronization solution: SyncE/IEEE1588v2

Download: Cambium_PTP820_Advantec

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